class manticore.core.worker.Worker(*, id, manticore, single=False)

A Manticore Worker. This will run forever potentially in a different process. Normally it will be spawned at Manticore constructor and will stay alive until killed. A Worker can be in 3 phases: STANDBY, RUNNING, KILLED. And will react to different events: start, stop, kill. The events are transmitted via 2 conditional variable: m._killed and m._started.

STANDBY:   Waiting for the start event
RUNNING:   Exploring and spawning states until no more READY states or
the cancel event is received
KIlLED:    This is the end. No more manticoring in this worker process

             +---------+     +---------+
        +--->+ STANDBY +<--->+ RUNNING |
             +-+-------+     +-------+-+
               |                     |
               |      +--------+     |
               +----->+ KILLED <-----+

alias of <module ‘manticore.core.worker’ from ‘/home/docs/checkouts/’>